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Protect Your Family from Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Your home may be harboring a wide range of pollutants from invisible killers like radon and CO2 to bacteria, dangerous chemicals, and allergens. Though some are more dangerous than others, none of these foreign contaminants belong in your house! You may have an air filtration system that removes dust particles, but you need a quality air purification system to rid your home of odors and health hazards that exist in the average home at a frightening amount.

Some potential air pollutants that may exist in your home are:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Benzene (a carcinogen released from candles)
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke
  • Lead (from paint)
  • Insect pesticide
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Pathogens
  • Chemicals from a gas stove

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Installing a Seabrook Air Purification System

Most homes are designed to be well-insulated to maximize energy efficiency when using an HVAC system. This means that the same air is recycled throughout the house when the air conditioning or heating system is in use. While the air that comes through your air ducts is filtered and conditioned, it does not protect you from the various chemicals and bacteria that enter your home through gas stoves, candles, cleaning sprays, or a sneeze from your sick guest. These pollutants continue to circulate your home unless you manually ventilate your home or attack them with an air purification system.

An air purification system uses the latest technology to sanitize your air and make sure you are protected from hazardous materials. All Breeze AC has a variety of air purification systems to suit the needs of different households.

Air Purification System Repairs in Seabrook

Even the highest quality products break down at some point, and when they do, All Breeze AC is ready and qualified to provide you with quick, reliable repair services. Our technicians are known for their promptness and professionalism. We’ll make sure to clean, replace, or fix old components and are available 24/7 with a service that never sleeps.

We are authorized dealers for Goodman and Carrier, but gladly service all brands. Call (904) 299-0880 or contact us today for an estimate! We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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